ContactMate Services

These terms (“delivery terms“), which accordingly ContactMate Events (“Provider“) delivers “ContactMate“-services to the customer (“customer“).

According to this purchase agreement, hereinafter the “Agreement”, ContactMate Events, hereinafter “CM”, services in the future “ContactMate” services are delivered to the customer “xxxxxx” according to the previously delivered quotation, Attached as Quotation.

The ContactMate service covers the following areas, depending on the content of the delivery:

  • Pre-registration and local registration of the details of the persons participating in the event and any certificates of participation
  • Entry control and access rights
  • Collection of personal data for electronically agreed purposes
  • Reporting and analysis of data for the agreed purpose
  • Storage of data on behalf of the customer during the contract and destruction and anonymization after the agreed time.
  • Equipment for electronic data storage
  • Software, usernames and passwords for using the services
  • Printed materials and necklaces

Prices are specified separately in the offer, in the price appendix and on an event-by-event basis.

The customer is responsible for the necessary investment and support during the service process. The products and services to be delivered will be the responsibility of the customer when they are handed over to the customer.

CM undertakes to provide the customer with the services specified in the order or offer.

Data protection means the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999) or other applicable data protection legislation in force at the time (including the EU Data Protection Directive (95/46 / EC) and the General Data Protection Directive, “GDPR” (2016/679 / EU)) and data protection authorities binding provisions.

When providing the service, the Supplier acts as the Processor of Personal Data and the Customer as the Registrar, which terms are defined in more detail in the Data Protection Legislation

Both parties undertake to process personal data in accordance with the Directive.

It is possible to cancel the order free of charge 1 month before the event or the opening of the agreed service. However, we will charge for any prints made in advance and for separately agreed and completed work, such as training provided in advance.

14 days before the event 50% of the services ordered.

7 days before the event 100% of the services ordered.

All prices VAT 0%

Terms of payment 14 days net unless otherwise agreed.

We charge EUR 600 for a destroyed or lost device.

In other respects, we apply the IT2018 terms.